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      Forbes & Walker Tea Brokers (Pvt.) Ltd
Established in 1886, Forbes & Walker’ is one of the world’s largest tea broking houses. Having commenced as the 3rd broker in Ceylon, it fast grew to be the largest broker in the country. As Colombo grew to be the largest auction centre in the world for tea, so did the volume of tea sold by Forbes & Walker. Today it handles over 60 million kilos of tea annually selling to local as well as multi national buyers of tea. The company is the preferred broker for over 150 tea manufactures in Sri Lanka both from the plantation companies as well as the private tea factory owners.

     The company boasts of its own logistics facility for sampling, warehousing and transport. It provides over a quarter million samples of tea to both large and small time buyers each week from its hub in Colombo. This process is carried out weekly a couple of weeks prior to the tea being auctioned. A fully owned subsidiary carries out the storage for all main sale teas at the Colombo Tea Auctions. The 100,000 square foot storage area is equipped with 11 meter high double deep racking and state of the art material handling equipment including reach trucks and stackers. It has the capacity to store 90,000 packages of tea at a given time and over 100 movements of Lorries each day. An associate company provides lorry as well as containerized transport to exporters of tea.

     Forbes & Walker is led by it’s Managing Director who counts over is 25 years in the trade and is reputed to be the best tea taster among the Brokers’ operating in Sri Lanka. The rest of the team comprises of Auctioneers, Manufacturing Advisors, Plantation Consultants, Financial Advisors and the latest group being the Energy consultants. All consultancy is provided free of charge to all its clients.

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